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23 June 2016 in Enterprise Solutions

HPE has unveiled a new software-defined platform for high-performance computing (HPC), along with updates to its Apollo server family.

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While the argument continues to rage in Australia over the pros and cons of our Free Trade Agreement with the US, the Indian Government is now pressing the US for its own FTA deal.

The report, from the Times of India, says the Indian Government is pressing the US for an FTA, which would enable Indian offshorers to operate in the US without restrictions, as well as enabling Indian professionals including software engineers, accountants and doctors to take up jobs in America without restrictions from H1B quotas.

The H1B visa is the US equivalent of Australia's 457 visa, which enables foreign workers which possess skills in short supply to fill jobs that are purportedly unable to be filled locally.

According to the report, US business would in return be able to operate freely in the growing Indian market in financial services, banking, insurance, telecom and retail. The full report can be found at


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